Top 20 Facebook cover photos in music marketing

I have spent the day looking a hundreds of band pages on Facebook to see who’s cover photos stand out from the crowd.

In my opinion these are some of the most interesting and creative images in heavy music.

It’s important to think about image placement and using space in a creative way. There is nothing more visually unappealing than a blurry image or your profile image covering part of your logo!

Here’s some inspiration, so go and create a masterpiece! This is a great opportunity to make an impression on your fans.

Here is my top 20 in no particular order.

1. Voyager


2. The Dillinger Escape Plan

the dillinger escape plan

3. Amenra


4. Sepultura


5. Carpenter Brut

carpenter brut

6. Volbeat


7. Kriegsmaschine


8. Andrew W.K.

Andrew W.K.

9. Gama Bomb

gama bomb

10. Euglena


11. Klone


12. Ministry


13. Ghost


14. Rob Zombie

rob zombie

15. Cult of Luna

cult of luna



17. Devin Townsend (and my personal favourite)

devin townsend

18. Alice Cooper

alice cooper

19. Dark Tranquility

dark tranquility

20. O


Which image is your favourite?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

A brief introduction

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I have travelled to Europe countless times over the years to see bands and festivals as well as getting along to as many shows in Australia to support the local music scene.About Metal Marketing

Random fact: I have 6 band logo, lyric or music related tattoos.

In 2011 I brought Swedish sleaze band Crashdiet out to Australia for their first ever tour. For this I acted solely as promoter and tour manager. I booked travel and accommodation, managed finances as well as completing the administration work involved.

In 2011 I also started my role as a Digital Marketing Officer. I have been asked advice from friends in bands over the years and I have always wanted to help bands develop their online presence and enhance their brand online.

I hold a Digital Marketing Certificate, I have a Diploma in Makeup Artistry and I am an amateur photographer and singer. I specialise in social media community management, brand management, digital strategy, content writing, website CMS, Google analytics, email marketing, online campaigns and competitions, video strategies, Facebook advertising and working with small online budgets.

I also know a thing or two about merchandising, small tour management and event management.

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