Should your band use Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn?

Today I’ll be looking at Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to discuss how you could use them to promote your band.


Twitter hasn’t quite taken off in Australia as it has in America, but you should still give it a go. Start off by following bands who have influenced you and follow back anyone relevant that follows you.

Twitter can give you a different way to engage with your fans via direct replies, likes and retweets. It gives you an opportunity to connect with your fans on a one on one level, which could help you to build fans for life.

Twitter is best for short to the point messages, often with an image or a link to another page. Think set times for your show, links to reviews or general thoughts or updates that will fit in 140 characters or less.

Write content specifically for Twitter. Don’t always auto-share the exact same post from every other social platform you use. Why would fans follow you on multiple platforms if you don’t offer different content for each? Give them a reason to follow you.

Here’s a good example of a tweet from Devin Townsend. Check out Devin’s Twitter and Facebook pages to see how he writes different content for each platform.

Devin Townsend tweet

Here’s an example of a generic tweet from Opeth – You can tell by the URL that this has been posted on Facebook and auto-shared to Twitter.

Opeth tweet

Keep in mind that you don’t want to be spamming people with tweets, two to three a day is ok if they are relevant. If you can’t get your point across in one tweet, maybe you should share your thought somewhere like Facebook or a blog post instead.

Check out these 10 twitter tips for bands via mashable. You can also read about these 20 things bands do wrong on twitter via DIY Music Promotion.


This is another platform that didn’t quite seem to take off in Australia (or at all?), but it does have some unique benefits for small to medium sized brands.

Sharing content and links on Google+ could actually help you rank in search results in cases where your website may not.

People are now searching hashtags on Google (who would have thought! I’ve certainly never tried). So Google is starting to integrate tags that you have used on your Google+ page into their search engines.

If you want to learn more about Google+ and its benefits check out Beyond Social: The benefits to Google+ for business by Alison Zeringue.

social@2x_06 LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is used by individuals and companies alike. However, there might be a few good reasons to connect.

It could be worth setting up a profile as an individual to follow record companies, promoters, tour managers and band managers. It could be a fresh way to connect with people in the music industry.

Added bonus – these companies might also be hiring if you’re looking for a new job!

Have you used any of these social channels?

Leave a reply and share your thoughts. Remember to obey the community guidelines and contact me if you would like me to work with your band.

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