My top ten Instagram photos in music marketing

In my last post I mentioned that Instagram is a great way to share behind the scenes, live, candid or promotional photos and short videos with your fans. You don’t need any fancy or expensive equipment to use this channel, just a good quality phone, a nice filter and good use of hashtags.

I thought I would share ten of my personal favourite Instagram images with you. It was really hard to choose just one photo from each band and I love each image for very different reasons. Some are professionally shot and some are just raw and fun photos.

Check out their captions, tags, credit to photographers and use of hashtags as well as comments from the fans.
P.s. they are in no specific order.

1. Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage

2. Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper1

3. Tesseract


4. Shining


5. Hardcore Superstar

Hardcore Superstar

6. Stam1na


7. Apocalyptica


8. King Parrot

King Parrot

9. Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend1

10. Satyricon


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