Band merchandise review: Textures live at 013

Now here’s something you don’t see every day, a merchandise review.

It’s crucial for fans to buy merchandise at live shows to help bands earn a living, or just cover costs to put the show on in some cases. So how do you make sure fans purchase your stuff?

First and most importantly, make sure all of your merchandise is visible and clearly labelled and priced. Some fans don’t like asking, and may assume if they can’t see a price they can’t afford it.

Take some time and effort to print up labels and/or stickers to mark each of your items for sale, no last minute hand written signs on the pizza box from dinner in the band room. Your fans notice the quality, time and effort you put into writing, recording, rehearsing and playing live. They should expect no less time and effort put into your merch stand.

Another great tip from Andy Dowling of Lord, is for bands to spend some time at the merch desk. Not only does this improve their sales, but gives them an opportunity to meet their dedicated fans. You can read my Q&A with Andy here.

I recently saw Textures play live at 013 in the Netherlands and I was blown away by how professional their merch looked, it was as if I had walked into a store selling their items. Everything was clearly labelled with prices and sizes available as well as which designs came in women’s fit shirts. They had made signs for merch bundles (cd+shirt), individually printed labels for specialty items and also had a full list of products available with their prices.

The lighting was quite dark in the separate room where the merch was located (as you can see from the photos I took on my phone). I purchased a women’s fit shirt with a gorgeous gold lion design on it. They had a variety of coloured shirts in black, white and maroon and they also had navy blue shirts, which looked black to the naked eye. Under these lighting conditions the blue shirts should have been labelled as such.

When I woke up the next morning I realised my new shirt was in fact blue… I still like the shirt, but I might have considered a different design on a black shirt if I had known.

Overall rating 9/10.


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