Don’t unfollow your followers on Twitter

On Twitter, everyone wants a hoard of followers to show their popularity.
Twitter Marketing

If you’re not already famous and are starting from scratch, this can be achieved with a few different methods, some more traditional than others.

1. Write great content, engage with your fans, use appropriate hashtags and retweet content that your fans will want to read. Mix this with some patience and you will slowly build a genuine list of active followers.

2. Follow for a follow. This is where you follow users who have similar interests and hope they follow you back. Some users will automatically follow you back and some profiles will unfollow users who don’t follow them back within 2-5 days. Slowly but surely you can build your followers list using this method.

3. Businesses and celebrities have been caught out for buying followers, I wouldn’t suggest using this method. There are plenty of blog sites out there claiming to get you 10K followers, but what’s the point if they aren’t actually into your music and ignore all of your tweets.

There is an unspoken “follow for a follow” rule on Twitter. If you follow a user back, you should only unfollow them if you no longer like their tweets. I have noticed a growing trend of people ignoring this rule, growing their lists using this method and then going back and unfollowing most of their followers to make their stats look better, breaking the unspoken rule.

On Twitter I will follow back any genuine musician or band because we’re all playing the same game trying to increase our followers. Yesterday I realized my followers had dropped over the last month, because bands I followed back had now unfollowed me. Now some could say they unfollowed me because they don’t like my content, which I’d be ok with but some of them were new and unknown bands with tens of thousands of people following them and they were following less than 500 people, which as a stats person isn’t easy to achieve on twitter.

So what did I do? I cleansed my list. I used the website friendorfollow and had a look to see who had unfollowed me and then I unfollowed them, because to be honest their music wasn’t my style and their tweets weren’t engaging. There are still over 150 accounts that I follow that don’t follow me back and probably never will because they are well known international bands who can grow their lists more organically. This is the kind of content I like to occasionally retweet to my fans because we have similar interests in music genres.Friend-or-Follow-Pic-2

So why shouldn’t you unfollow your followers?

Don’t unfollow your fans! Twitter is meant to be social, and nothing is more awesome than when your favourite bands follow you back. This creates a positive connection with your fans and they will feel more likely to tweet to or about you to their followers, making them a positive influencer or ambassador for your band. This is how your band’s name will spread organically, by word of mouth from current fans.

Secondly, don’t unfollow other bands. This industry is hard enough to crack as is, so support your fellow musicians and follow them back.

But, if after two weeks they unfollow you, you have my permission to unfollow them back…

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