Metal mascots – Eddie the Head

Eddie the Head

One of the most famous and memorable metal mascots is Iron Maiden’s Eddie.

Eddie, also known as Eddie the Head, has featured on all of Iron Maiden’s album covers and has appeared in their live shows. Eddie was originally created as a papier-mâché mask used as part of their live backdrop. The character was then turned into an illustration by Derek Riggs and used on their first self titled album cover.Iron_Maiden_album_cover

Eddie has famously evolved over the years, appearing as a crazed killer, a psych ward patient, an ancient Egyptian, a cyborg and even the Grim Reaper to name a few.

Iron Maiden’s frequent use of the character over the years has helped him to grow into the beloved mascot he is today.

He has become an icon in his own right, and is known as the ‘face’ (or head) of the Iron Maiden brand.

iron_maiden_-_powerslave_maskEddie’s evolving character has given the band new and creative ways to promote and sell merchandise to fans with him being used on everything from clothing to bed spreads, kitchen items to collectable figurines, halloween masks, skateboards and jewellery. Eddie has even been tattooed, painted on bodies and had an aircraft named after him.

The marketing of his character through various forms or merchandise only helped to secure his fame, he even got his very own video game!

In 2008, Eddie won the “Icon Award” at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards.

Will there ever be another band with a mascot as famous as Eddie?

Other bands have had their own successful mascots from Metallica’s Doris, Megadeth’s Vic Rattlehead, Anthrax’s Not Man and Motorhead’s Snaggletooth, but they haven’t quite stood the same test of time as Eddie.

So why do I think he’s the most well known metal mascot? Eddie mummy

Eddie was there from the beginning, he’s original and he’s dependable. Eddie has appeared on each of the album covers and he has been present in their live shows.

Eddie has evolved with each album and has grown with the band. He has always been there through thick and thin, regardless of which members were in the band at the time, Eddie is there carrying the fans from album to album.

Who is your favourite metal mascot? Leave a comment below.

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