How to boost a post on Facebook

Here’s a beginners guide to paying for posts on Facebook.

fb-retargetThe easiest way to start is to click on the boost button on one of your Facebook posts. From here you can set up your details in Ads Manager where you’ll need to add your basic details and credit card to start.

Once you’ve done this you can go back to your page and click on boost again, this time it’ll actually let you pay to promote your posts.

Here’s what each option means and how to use it. You have 3 main audience options:


  1. People who like your page. If you choose this option your ad will only be shown to people who already like your facebook page.
  2. People who like your page and their friends. This options is great because your ad will be shown to people who like your page and their friends. Why is this option great? Because people who like you page will more than likely have friends who are interested in the same things, so there is a more likely chance that their friends will be interested in your page.
  3. People you choose through targeting. This option is great for tour announcements, with this option you can target specific people in the cities you’re visiting.


If you choose option 1 or 2 the next steps are easy, choose the locations you want your ad to appear in by clicking on edit and adding cities or countries.

If you have chosen option 3 you’ll need to specify your target details. I am going to create an example of an Australian tour for a Death Metal band.

Here you can see i’ve added in my target audience details. The ad name is Australian Tour, I have changed the location to cities within a +10 mile radius. I have typed in the city names and added in ages and gender for the audience. The final field is the most important, here you can add in your musical influences. Type in bands who’s fans you think might enjoy your music. When this is complete click save. This is the type of audience that your ad will be shown to.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 2.07.38 PM

Budget and Duration

Here you can add in how much you want to spend per day and how many days you want your ad to show for. Facebook will give you an indication of how many people could see your ad for your budget amount.

If its your first time advertising, just start with a trial amount to see what kind of response you get and go from there. When you’re done click boost.

You can pause or cancel your ad at any time and the ad results will show at the end of the campaign.

Here you can see results from a dummy ad that I ran for $2 for a page that has 37K fans.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 2.15.36 PM

This ad reached 620 people both male and female in the US between 18-65+years.

The ad was targeted to fans and their friends and from this 71 actions were taken – 1 photo click, 14 link clicks and 44 post likes.






The MOST important tip for all paid advertisements!

Add a call to action to your post. Read more about what this is and how to do it in my blog Why call to actions are important for paid social media posts.


How Sweet Creature are building their brand

YouTube analytics for beginners (2)Starting a new band or project can be a challenge when you need to build your brand from the ground up.

I spoke to Martin Sweet, of Crashdiet and Sister about his new project Sweet Creature and how he using the power of social media to successfully promote his newest band.

MM: I really liked the way you approached the launch of the new band, by releasing teasers of the band logo Vester, before even releasing the band name, what kind of excitement did this create for the fans?

Martin: The idea was to create something different for the fans to look forward to every week for a period of time. I believe that if you give away everything at once, people will either miss it in their social media feed or just forget about it after a short while. So I tried to build up anticipation during the few weeks before I dropped the music video, which actually was shot in December last year. So there was a lot of preparation to say the least.

MM: The members of Sweet Creature were only announced days before your new video was released a month ago, which has nearly 10,000 views. What was the idea around keeping the members a secret?

It was just another way of creating anticipation. Anything that you’re about to reveal or launch, you can effectively build it up to a rolling momentum. People on social media are over saturated by “noise” everyday so it’s necessary to be in their faces constantly, without being too spammy of course. It has to be good and interesting content that you’re posting.

MM: I visited the Sweet Creature Community site, which is a closed Facebook group for fans to join. What opportunities will fans have to interact with the band using this page, rather than traditional social media outlets (twitter, instagram etc…) Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 10.57.57 AM

The closed community was created for fans who want something more than just the everyday news feeds, like for example if you wanna be part of discussing merchandise designs or even participating in creating new designs, we can experiment with different ideas together in the community, undisturbed, between fans and the band members.
The idea is also to get a better connection between the band and the fans. On a traditional band page on Facebook or Twitter, there is only something like 5-10% of your followers who actually will see your posts, unless you pay to “boost” you posts to reach more people. In a Facebook group every member sees your posts, or that’s what I’ve heard at least. There is also a separate app for Groups which makes it easier to manage. If you wanna join, go to and I will ad you as soon as I see your request!

MM: I found the community from an Instagram post you shared, asking fans to get involved with the band’s merchandise to choose which designs they like the most. How much of a positive effect do you think this has for the band when fans can help to choose what merchandise designs become available to buy? Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 10.56.22 AM

I love the way technology has made it easy for an artist to connect with their fans. In CRASHDÏET, we always took advantage of that, which is probably why we still have a solid fan base.  Even though we’ve had our ups and downs, we’ve always tried to keep the diehard fans satisfied with new merch and cool releases like live albums and DVDs. This is stuff that the record labels haven’t been interested in releasing at all, because there isn’t a lot of money to be made from it. But we think it’s cool to have a DVD out for each album and tons of merchandise to choose from. To engage fans will only make them bigger fans, and in the end it will help to make the band bigger and stronger. So it was pretty natural for me to incorporate this method in Sweet Creature.

MM: One thing I have always admired about you, in all of your projects is your dedication to social media, responding to fans and sharing personal photos. What kind of enjoyment do you get out of interacting with fans online?

The fans are the one’s who will stand by us through everything if you treat them with respect. Without fans, there will be no future for the artist. I feel blessed to even have fans, so I very much enjoy talking to them as soon as I have some spare time. It’s an amazing feeling to have fans I think.

MM: Finally, do you have any advice for new bands or long time musicians starting new projects and how they can get their name out there into the world of social media.

It’s a jungle out there, but it’s not impossible. My advice would be NOT to stress out about things. Be patient if you believe in what you do. Don’t put out music before it’s finished, don’t publish your website if it’s not ready. It took me ages to set everything up with social media, websites and artwork etc, but in the end it’s definitely worth it, because it looks more authentic. Take your time to create great content instead of just posting because you have to post. People can wait, because they have other things to do in the meantime.

MM: Thanks Martin for sharing some words of wisdom! I can’t wait to see what else is in store for Sweet Creature.

Thanks for having me!