What women want

No, I don’t have any answers for your love life. Instead I’m going to be talking about women’s merchandise.

So how do you choose and design your merchandise for women if you’re a band full of men? Hopefully I will be able to give you some advice about the merchandise options available for ladies.

So what do we want?behemoth shirt

Some women want baby doll shirts (tight fitted women’s shirts) or singlet tops, some want baggy mens shirts and some women will buy larger men’s t shirts and make them into dresses or custom designed shirts (as you can see to the right).

What style should you buy?

My personal favourite are the Gildan soft style shirts, they’re comfortable and durable. The quality of these shirts are so good that I won’t buy a shirt these days unless it’s a Gildan. When I’m not at work, I’m always in a band shirt so I need something that fits well and looks good.

So should you stick with the ladies fits or try singlet tops or other ladies designs?

If you don’t know what your lady fans want, ask them on Facebook! Get them involved in the design process, show them two different design options and ask for them to vote for their favourite.

Let’s talk about design

cc shirt
Just because we’re women doesn’t always mean we want something pretty, or pink! Of course all women are different, and we all like different things.

The style of your music will generally determine your artwork, so if you’re a death metal band and we like your music we want our shirts just as gruesome as you’d make them for the boys. We’ll still make it look feminine if we want to.



If you’re more progressive or rock you could probably be a bit more feminine in design, just like this Alice Cooper shirt (right).

When designing your shirts, be mindful that ladies tees will stretch, this is the main reason to choose quality shirts and printers. Cheap ink will stretch, crack and tear in the chest area after a few wears.

Have you thought about women’s underwear or g-strings? Keep in mind that not all of the ladies will be up for these, or they may prefer to purchase them online. If you do want to sell them, make sure they are always 100% cotton. Nylon may be cheaper, but they are not pleasant to wear.

sp bagIf your band is only starting out and it’s too expensive to do a run of women’s tees you could always consider tote bags or other accessory items. Just make sure the bags have long straps so that they can be carried on the shoulder and not like a shopping bag.

And one last personal request – if your band is on a large scale tour, we want tour dates on the back of our shirts too!