Use Facebook Ads to target new fans after a tour

Have you ever wondered how to contact potential fans after a show?

Supporting an international or well-known local band is one of the main ways to get new like-minded people into your band’s music. applications-2344383_640

In the day of social media it’s easy enough for fans who enjoyed your show to jump online and check out your music, but this doesn’t always mean that they will.

So how can you go out and find them after the show to remind them to check out your music?

Back in December 2016 I saw Deftones, Karnivool and Voyager on tour in Sydney and a few days later I saw one of these bands using Facebook ads to target me and remind me to check them out.

Perth band, Voyager had created a targeted advertisement on Facebook with a call to action to download their latest album via Bandcamp.

So how can you do this for your band?

When logged into your band’s Facebook page, click on the main drop down arrow (where you switch accounts to your page) and click on create an ad.

Creating your ad

Click on ‘increase brand awareness’, give your campaign a name and click next.

Creating your audience

Custom audiences is an advanced feature for targeting existing customers – if you have a subscriber list or your fans emails feel free to contact me about using this feature.

In this instance we want to contact new fans, whose details we don’t have – so right now we don’t need to create a custom audience.

Choose your location, the country where your tour took place, choose an age group and gender for your targeted audience.

Detailed targeting is where you can choose the interests of the people you want to advertise to. Here you can type in the names of the bands you played with on tour, select their pages to target your ad to their fans. You can also choose to exclude audiences on your sponsored post.


Hover over events, here you can choose ‘people who responded to your event’ and add in your event name. If you don’t have access to the event page (if you didn’t set it up) you have two options.

If your promoter set up the event you can ask them if they can create the ad for you or you can skip this step and advertise to the headlining band’s fans as mentioned above.

Save your audience. It’s easy enough for beginners to stick with automatic placements.

Set your budget, schedule and click next.

What will your ad look like?
Here you can choose what your ad will look like, add in your text, website and call to action. Use the previews to see how your ad will look.

When you’re happy you can place your order.

You can also read my previous article – How to boost a post on Facebook, which delves into targeting audiences.