Should I ask fans for their email address?

There are a number of reasons why having your fans email addresses can be really useful, and there’s a few different way to collect email addresses. 


Having your fans email addresses is a crucial way to contact them about important information like new albums and large-scale upcoming tours. More and more people are becoming overwhelmed by and disillusioned with Facebook and I’ve noticed that people are starting to ignore Facebook events because they are just getting too many invitations.

So it’s time to look at a few more traditional methods to promote your music, starting with emails.

I’m going to talk about a few different ways that you can ask fans for their email address. I’m sure you’ve been to a website before and have seen a pop up box asking for your email. These are called lightbox pop-ups and are a simple and effective way to ask for an email address. If people are genuinely interested in your music, they should be happy to give you their email if you have a clear and simple sign-up form.

If you have tried this and aren’t getting the kind of results you were hoping for you can always offer people a reason to sign up. Including an incentive such as a 10% discount or free shipping on their first order of your web store should help convince someone to give you their email address. Otherwise you could look at other incentives such as offering fans a free download of one of your songs.

Another way you can collect emails is if you run a web store selling your merchandise products. In your checkout cart add in an opt-out tick box for people to sign up for e-news. You are more likely to receive more emails if people have to opt-out of something rather than having to tick a box to opt-in.

If your website doesn’t allow you to do this affordably, you still have a few options. Facebook gives you the option to run a lead-generation ad, which you could trial by targeting the ad to your existing fans asking them to sign up & give you their email address for your newsletter or special offers.

Once you have collected enough emails to send your first newsletter or welcome email don’t spam your fans, otherwise you could lose them through unsubscribes. Think about sending a monthly or quarterly email with latest news, updates or offers and only send emails when you have important news to share.

These kinds of emails should contain information about a new album coming out with where and when they can order it, a new range of merchandise, special discounts or a national tour.

You can also offer something unique to this group of fans, such as exclusive pre-order items, access to listen to a new song before anyone on Facebook, sales on excess stock or free shipping with purchases over $50 or run fan competitions to create content online.

These are really great incentives for any fan to sign up to your email database!

Stay tuned for my next blog where i’ll explain how to create a lead generation ad.