Metal mascots – Mortal Sin

Metal mascots with Mat from Mortal Sin

MMM: Who designed the classic Mortal sin logo and what was the design process for the Mayhemic Destruction album artwork?709_logo

Mat: The Mortal Sin logo was designed by our original guitarist Keith Krstin, but the ironworks type font was what we all wanted, but it was Keith who actually drew it.

The Mayhemic Destruction artwork was something that we all wanted, we felt it was a great way to show that we were Australian and also just look brutally metal. The original cover was drawn by the graphic designer at OK Signcraft whose last name was O’Keefe but I don’t remember his first name. The Demon was given the name Oscar Kilo which was the call sign for OK.

The second version of the album that was released by Phonogram Records in the United Kingdom was designed by Simon Bisley who went on to become famous for his work on the comic 2000AD and also several Danzig albums among a million other things.


Was the Demon on Mayhemic created with the intention of making it the Mortal Sin mascot, or did the fans adopt it first?

Not really, though it soon became evident that the Simon Bisley design was going to become something big, and was really popular among the fans. The album also featured in an album cover display of Australian artists at The Powerhouse Museum as well.

Did merchandise featuring the Mayhemic Demon sell better than other merchandise items on offer?

Our two best selling shirts are the Mayhemic Destruction prints and also our large logo print.

Do you think the metal mascot was just an 80’s thing or should newer bands think about creating their own mascots or characters?

It seems like it is an 80’s thing, I haven’t really seen too many bands these days creating one, most just create a really good logo and use that on their merchandise. I think it’s a great idea to have a mascot, especially if it’s a really good one that can be reproduced as either an action figure or a plush toy, and can even be used in film clips. I think fans could identify really well with a good creation.

Who is your favourite metal mascot and why?

I really like the Overkill one, it was so good that a (very) similar version was used by Avenged Sevenfold (lol), but for me Eddie from Iron Maiden has to be the pinnacle. When I saw them at the Capitol Theatre back in 1982 and this monstrous 12ft high Eddie came out on stage, the whole crowd went apeshit! They’ve used him sensibly and consistently throughout their career and if you showed his picture to any metalhead 100% of them would be able to identify him.

Bonus question – did the Mayhemic devil ever have a name? Or should we start a competition for the fans to give him a name?

As mentioned above, his original name was Oscar Kilo, but was mainly only known to us. It’s a silly name and very unbefitting of such a brutal character. I have looked around at PVC manufacturers to find out if I could get some small action figures produced so you might see something in the near future, so YES, I think it is time a proper name was given to him!

Do you have a name for the Mortal Sin Demon?

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How to write likeable Facebook content like these bands

As a fan, I follow a lot of bands on Facebook and some bands post more likeable content than others.

Some of the bands I follow manage their page on their own and some might have a team writing posts for them. But not to worry, even if you don’t have a background in marketing you can learn how to write engaging content.

Companies spend time looking at their competitors to see what they are doing in the online space to see how they can be doing things better, so there is no reason you can’t be doing the same.

Spend some time on social media and search for bands that influence you, as well as bands at the top of their game to see what kind of content they are producing.

Read through some of their recent posts and take some inspiration from their page. Is there anything they are doing that you could do differently or better?

Just keep in mind that it’s never a good idea to just copy what they’re doing, even if they won’t see your page.

I’ve taken some time to find a few examples for you. In no particular order, here are five bands that I think are posting great content.

Congrats to all of the other bands out there who are also writing likeable content!

I like their Facebook page for a few different reasons. Their current profile image is their latest album cover with their tour dates designed to fit nicely as their cover image.

They have made good use of the CTA (call to action) button in their banner suggesting for their fans to ‘shop now’. If you click on this link it will take you to their official website merchandise page.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 2.53.02 PM.png


Haken have a very balanced mix of content from asking fans about where they should tour, to praising other bands live sets and keeping fans updated with news from the studio. You’ll also find that they often reply to comments made by their fans. Just scroll through their page and have a look for yourself.

Gojira post brilliant visual content on Facebook. Often keeping their text short and sweet. I’m not sure if that’s due to English being their second language or because as they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. And let me tell you, their visual content receives well over a thousand likes.

Their posts include tour dates, photos from Instagram, live videos, throwback posts and fan tattoos. They even offer guitar lessons while on tour! There is a good mix of humor in their content. It’s refreshing to see a band who can laugh at themselves and not take social media too seriously.

Their image below is a perfect example of this and it received a whopping 25,897 likes, 1,716 shares and 1,522 comments.


Caligula’s Horse
These guys post a lot of likeable content. It’s fun, it’s personal and it’s genuine. Caligula’s Horse share a lot of great behind the scenes photos and videos and that make you feel like you’re part of the band.

They reply to their fans comments and often sign off with their name so you know which member replied to you. Understanding the importance of interviews and album reviews, they are always happy to share them and tag the author and pages they came from. They have also taken the time to personalise their Facebook apps with their new album artwork.

Caligula's Horse

Guys – if you’re reading this your new album Bloom is amazing! Take a note out of Haken’s book and use the shop now feature.

Mortal Sin
Australia’s thrash legends Mortal Sin have been broken up for a good few years now and their Facebook page is solely run by frontman Mat Maurer.

So what do you write about when you have no albums to release, no tours to promote and no merchandise to sell?

Well, there’s 25 years worth of history to tell and memories to share. Mat often digs up old merch hiding in his garage, hand written lyrics and setlists, shares vintage photos and videos of the band that fans have found online and tells stories about shows or tours that they played.

The posts are personal, sometimes funny and they always stir up a lot of good memories from their fans. I’m sure there is still a lot in the vault waiting to be shared. Check out their page and reminisce for yourself.

Mortal Sin

This photo reached 20,918 fans, received 929 likes, 67 comments and 29 shares. A little bit of humour can go a long way.

When I think of Anthrax, I think of having a good time. Their posts are exactly what I’d expect them to be, fun and full of energy. This is a perfect example of tone of voice, they are writing in a tone that is in line with their brand.

Anthrax also post a lot of vintage photos, tour posters to show where they’ve come from but they do a great job of promoting their current tours and material as well as responding to fans posts.

Anthrax have over 2.5 million likes on Facebook, so it’s my guess that they would have a manager running their page. I like that they have used their mascot ‘Not Man’ as their profile photo, which shows that their a fun established band that don’t need to use their logo or image for fans to know who they are.

Anthrax or their management also respond to comments in the tone of voice you’d expect. Think about your bands tone of voice and how you want to sound to your audience. While I wouldn’t suggest swearing in your responses back to fans… this reply from Anthrax definitely made me chuckle.

Anthrax Facebook fan comments

Names and band names have been removed from some photos to respect the individuals privacy.

What kind of content do you find works best for your band on Facebook?